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"A person had been wandering about in a forest for several days, not knowing which was the right way out. Suddenly they saw a person approaching. Their heart was filled with joy. “Now I shall certainly find out which is the right way,“ they thought. When they neared one another, one asked the other: “Tell me which is the right way. I have been wandering about in this forest for several days.” Said the other, “I do not know the way out either. For I too have been wandering about here for many, many days. But this I can tell you: do not take the way I have been taking, for that will lead you astray. And now let us look for a new way out together.”

19th century master, Rabbi Hayyim of Zans

Judaism and mind body spiritual practices offers many pathways of exploration in our search for meaning and connection. Wherever you find yourself now - with questions, doubt, suffering, joy, or hunger to learn more - we will journey through the forest. Using text study, conversation, listening, meditation, dreamwork, body movement and more we will explore your path and offer practices for deeper connection. 

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